Phuket Vegetable Festival


Phuket Vegetable Festival is coming!!

In Thailand, the most talked-about vegetarian festival is in Phuket where the auspicious ceremony is held in a grand celebration. This year (2015), the celebration in Phuket will be held from the 13th October till 21st October 2015. During the 9-day period, the devout Chinese Buddhists dress in white attire, convert to vegetarians and observe the ten rules in order to purify their minds and bodies.

The ten rules are; 
1. Maintain cleanliness of bodies during the festival
2. Clean kitchen utensils and use them separately from others
3. Wear white during the festival
4. Well behave and polite
5. Abstain from eating any kind of animal-based products
6. Abstain from sexual activities
7. Abstain from consuming alcohol
8. People at mourning period should not attend the festival
9. Pregnant ladies should not watch any festival rituals
10. Ladies with period should not attend the festival rituals

Beside a strict vegetarian diet, the highlights of the event is the incredible acts of self-mortification such as walking on hot coals, climbing knife ladders, cheeks and bodies pierced with various types of sharp objects and so on.

Here!! This is the schedule of street processions of Shrines where you can observe the highlights of the event;

– 14 October 2015: Choor Su Gong Naka Shrine (Phuket Town)
– 15 October 2015: Sapam Shrine (Phuket Town)
– 16 October 2015: Samkong Shrine
– 17 October 2015: Ban Tha Rve Shrine (Phuket Town)
– 18 October 2015: Bang Neow Shrine & Cherng Thalay Shrine (Thalang District)
– 19 October 2015: Jui Tui Shrine (Phuket Town)
– 20 October 2015: Kathu Shrine (Kathu Town) & Yokkekeng Shrine (Phuket Town)
– 21 October 2015: Sui Boon Tong Shrine (Phuket Town)

During this vegetable festival, the Phuket town is turned into a path of din and smoke of firing crackers. The atmosphere is full of religious frenzy. Visitors to Thailand, especially Phuket; should not miss an opportunity to observe this auspicious event.